CBD in the NEWS

CBD is all over the news media because it is steadily gaining in popularity as being a healing or beauty must-have for skin, body and mind, and the most likely solution for many symptoms that works rapidly and effectively, consistently. BELOW are many insightful stories from various mainstream news media outlets about CBD.

Symptoms including the following are addressed by CBD: chronic joint, back, muscle and other pain, nausea, inflammation, trouble sleeping, headache, cramps, skin irritation, frequent urination, stiffness, digestive issues and many more!

News You Can Use 

CBD works quickly and safely, and now, as a result of recent FDA and other legislative activities, it is legal in ALL states.


See this FDA announcement:

Industrial Hemp Removed From Controlled Substances Act

Because it is a natural plant derived substance, CBD does not result in side effects that are commonly accepted in pharmaceuticals 

 CBD is a preferred cure-all for all wellness and taking it in tincture form is popular.

Entrepreneur Magazine shares here:

CBD Tinctures: 5 Things Every Consumer Should Know